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Infrastructure Solution

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IT-Infrastructure is important?

Stabililiskom is a leading System Integrator that provide network infrastructure solutions to consolidate and optimize IT resources, improving client’s business productivity by providing high availability and high performance network solution. We give attention to network scalability, network security, network management and value for money.

What is StabilisINFRA?

StabilisINFRA is a Stabiliskom service. We are the expert in routing/switching technology, building & campus network, wireless solution, WAN optimization, bandwidth management, structured cabling system, load balancer and network management.

StabilisINFRA main Service

Operations Device

Companies rely on their information system to run their operations. If a system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely.

Our Operations Support:
Laptop, Komputer (AIO, SFF, Mid Tower, Tower).
Web Camera.
Finger Scanner.
Face Scanner.
And other operations device.

Networking Device

We provide the end-user Infrastructure requirement to meet their specific business and technology needs.

Provide Infrastructure:
Cable RJ45 (Cat 5e, Cat6)
Fiber Optic.
And also other Networking Device.


A data center must therefore keep high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment.

Our Service:
Server Device.
Virtualization Server.
E-Mail Server.
Storage Server.
Rack Server.
Cabling system.
Electrical System.
Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning system.

Security Device

Security is not only one device that works alone, but it is a system that consolidates and works with each other to create secure environment.

Our Security Services:
Firewall and Next Generation Firewall.
Intelligence Intrusion Detection & Prevention System.
Virtual Private Network.
CCTV (Analog and IP).
Access Control System(RFID, Finger, Face).
Emergency Alarm (Home, Office, Building).

Our Infrastructure Vendor

We help your business for best operations system, so you and your team can focus on business.Here are some of our support Vendor that can be integrated with your Infrastructure Device

Why choose us?


Dedicated Technical Support is available that will help solve technical problems in a more personal way.

Full Maintenance Service

Every Application that is done is always bundled with maintenance services to ensure the Application continues to run well even though the Web has been handed over to the Client.

Data Center in Jakarta

So that access speeds will be higher and more stable, because using an IIX connection is not IX.


Data stored on the server is safer because the backup system is reliable and the backup server is in a separate area.